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Develop Leaders

Our Leadership Coaching Program combines group and individual coaching sessions with multi-source feedback on leadership practices. We create an environment for self-reflection, which allows participants to stretch beyond present state thinking, set a tone and model desired behaviors.

Sample Consulting Engagement

Leadership Coaching Program Human Services Organization

This program is based on the belief that leaders enhance their skills through a combination of reflective approaches, collegial dialogue and assessments. This organization has started with top level leaders and will now make the program available to all managers.


A multi-source or 360 degree feedback assessment process has provided feedback on leadership behaviors creating actionable items for leaders to address.. The client has opted to reassess leaders on a yearly basis and we have seen strong improvements in leader effectiveness.

An internal mentorship program has created a learning community among leaders. Program participants chose a mentor within the organization to accompany them on the learning journey. The mentors assist the participants urging them to stretch as they develop action plans for increased effectiveness.

  The program has provided upper management with data specifying general areas in need of improvement. This data created an opportunity for reflective discussion among top leaders and clear direction for future development of staff.

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