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Plan Futures

Strategic planning is usually the work of a few top leaders. We facilitate a planning process which includes a greater number of people who assess the marketplace, customer needs and operations to come up with a desired future with an action plan to get there. Known as a Future Search this effort creates change that people support since they help create it!

Sample Consulting Engagement

Designing a New Beginning for Creative Services
Marketing Solutions Company

The objective was to increase the level of staff involvement in the design of a future workplace and creative processes. Creative staff had operated previously on a very reactive basis.


Changepace created an opportunity for all staff to assess current operations and generate innovations, improvements and an optimal work environment.

We provided the structure for a partnering relationship to exist between Sales and Creative departments, formerly adversarial in nature.

Teams from Creative Services learned to negotiate directly with the account executives and customers eliminating misunderstanding, redundancy due to 2nd and 3rd hand information which also increased creative options for the customer.

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