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Create Self-Managed Teams

Create Self-Managed Teams

More companies are realizing that teams of employees can assume responsibility for day to day management of themselves and their work with a minimum of direct supervision. Changepace develops the foundation for self-managing teams by building the needed capacity within the teams. We prepare the traditional supervisor for the new role of team coach which releases them from daily work monitoring and gives them an opportunity to address the bigger picture.

Sample Consulting Engagement

Implementing Self-Managed Work Teams,
Financial and Manufacturing Companies

The process was designed to create greater responsibility/ accountability among employees in the management of daily operations thereby freeing management to address big picture issues


The organization was educated to better understand the concept of self-management, ‘Is it anarchy or is it higher performance?’


An internal steering team was established to design a self-managing team process to merge effectively within the existing culture.



We facilitated the transition from individual contributor to team member for employees accustomed to working on their own.



Management received skills in the transition from traditional boss role to a team coaching role.



Teams were provided with skills and procedures to assume an expanded role in daily operations.


A structure was created for delineating boundaries between team tasks and management tasks to avoid the pitfalls of stepping on each other’s toes.

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