Jeanne Gourguechon


Greg works with organizations to achieve high quality products, services and work systems by helping them improve processes and involve as many people as possible designing, creating and developing their work and vision for the future.

A major focus of Greg’s work is helping organizations see the value of choosing commitment as a driving principle. He does this by facilitating leadership development and working with leadership to involve employees in developing a strategic vision.

In his 15 years of experience, Greg has helped organizations implement continuous improvement processes, self-managed work teams, leadership development as well as develop and conduct Search Conferences which enable the people in the organization to plan strategies that work in this turbulent environment. He is currently working with more than 20 automobile dealerships to improve customer service, employee satisfaction and long-term profitability.

Greg has presented at a number professional conferences including The National Organization Development Network, and the Organization Development Institute.

His undergraduate degree is from the University of Wisconsin and he holds a Masters in Organization Development from Loyola University, Chicago.

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